Our Coffea

We are proud to serve Coda Coffee Co. so you can feel good about the coffee you drink.

Coda is Colorado Local, Family-Owned, and B CertifiedRoast Magazine singled out Coda Coffee Co. as their 2014 Macro Roaster of Year.

coda coffee co sold at the coffea shop in rocky ford colorado“Coda Coffee Co. uses the world’s first recycled heat roaster which is better for the environment and the flavor of our coffee.  Conventional roasters heat ambient air; ours recycles the air inside, so seasonal changes in humidity and air temperature have no affect inside the roasting chamber.  This provides a more stable atmosphere and consistent roast. The recycled air quickly becomes depleted of oxygen which creates an inert roasting atmosphere that protects the delicate flavors of the bean. The combination of our recycled heat roaster and exclusive roasting methods produce clean, bright, noticeably better coffee.

Most of our coffees are Organic, Fair Trade, and Farm2Cup Certified and our beans are now available by the pound so you can drink our coffee at home.