The Coffea Shop


noun  |  Cof·fea  |  \ˈkȯfēə\

:  a genus of small trees and shrubs of the family Rubiaceae native to the tropical Old World (as Africa) having white fragrant flowers borne in clusters at the base of the shining evergreen leaves, and including several species (especially Coffea arabica, Coffea liberica, and Coffea robusta) that are widely grown in tropical and subtropical uplands for their cherrylike fruits which contain seeds from which coffee is prepared

don't but coffee from strangers buy local the coffea shop rocky ford, co

We are a small, family owned & operated, Rocky Ford Local business.

Don’t buy coffee from strangers.  Buy Local.

Our goal is to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.  We recycle and support our local Recycling Organization.  We purchase recycled/recyclable and Eco-Friendly materials and products whenever we can.  We offer a discount at the register when you ditch the paper cup.


the coffea shop rocky ford colorado

Our Coffea & Tea

We also carry a selection of handmade art, jewelry, cards, mugs, essential oils, and other items made by local artisans in our store at 209 N. Main Street, Rocky Ford, Colorado.

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bound staff press la junta colorado art prints
Bound Staff Press

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Herb & Spoon

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Angela Graham Pottery